Navarre is situated in N.W. Florida between Pensacola & Fort Walton Beach on the gulf.

About the break (AKA Pier: there are many spots in this 3 mile stretch of beach the pier being the most consistent)

The surf is primarily a mid-break and when it is big it breaks in very shallow water so be prepared to get shacked! The break is on & off and works better on a straight in swell going to high tide. Any moving water tends to funk it up a bit. All in all a good spread out spot to surf( except next to the pier when it is good) Note that the peak closest to the pier is not a break for beginners however just to either side a few hundred feet is a bit more mellow.

The skim has been good for many years here, it is one of the most consistent steep-beach skim spots in the panhandle and is evident by the skilled locals who skim here year round. It tends to be better on a high tide but still breaks on a low tide(although the beaches will flatten out).

Regardless of your board the vibe in Navarre is always chill. As with any spot show respect to the locals and to each other and you will have a great visit!

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