Blackball updates


From Jenn Goode:

“An update for everyone….I went to Milton this morning and had an informal meeting with Commissioner Melvin so I personally could look at the Navarre Beach map with him and get clarification on our “location usage.” This is what I have learned for the day.

1. Between life guard shacks 2 and 3 is available to us. It is NOT a designated swimming area.

2. Everything 300ft west of the pier is available to us.

3. Also, everything east of life guard shack #1 is available to us.

4. As far as “red flag conditions”….Commissioner Melvin agreed that it makes perfectly good sense that we should have availability of all locations, but at this time since he does not have clarification yet and the ordinance is not specific enough…he is going to address this issue and get back to me with a definative answer. He is now aware of the life guards being told that they have to ask us to leave designated swimming areas, even if it is a red flag. Hopefully we will have an answer soon.

But, for now…these are our options until revisions occurr. And commissioner Melvin is agreement that revisions are needed, and until that time, new signs are being made so that the “entire” ordinance is posted to include section 14-52, regarding no spear fishing or surf casting in designated swimming areas. everyone will have to adhere to the effective ordinance, not just us!

His only request from us is this….if anyone has any questions …to please put it in writing, and please email him directly,. Because that makes it a formal request/question/complaint and then he can deal with it accordingly and work for us to get answers. “


One thought on “Blackball updates

  1. Chris Jones

    I wanna know what is going on with the whole spear fishing, your haven’t updated anything about it. Do we get to accsess the beach with spear guns? thanks Chris

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