Navarresurf turns 1 !!!


Well it’s been 1 year of reporting surf conditions for our beautiful beach that is Navarre. We are getting alot more traffic over the last few months(especially during periods of swell) upwards of 700 hits in a day! As a result I am hoping you all are enjoying this site. We try to post and take as many photos of the surf & locals as possible for your enjoyment!

So as for what is in the works for our local site?(obviously you have noticed the site revamping). Hopefully more media from all you locals shooting out there, a “local talent spotlight” section focusing on a few of you local rippers! (surf & skim), and some stickers & t-shirts that will soon be available for your consumption.

So thanks so much for stopping by and thanks again to Ricky Buehrig, Dr. Tim, and local lifeguard/ripper Carson, for your help keeping the report updated!

Remember let’s try to keep the good vibe going, leave the attitude at the house, respect the locals and each other!

Want to help with the report? Advertise?complaints? Shoot me line


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