Mid morn/day/evening update


5:30 pm Went out for an evening session and it was good for about an hour and a half. The winds slacked and the tide allowed for some solid chest high with overhead peaks and random bombs to come through on the right side of the pier. Lots of people out but plenty of waves, space, and a bit of a drift. Closer to dusk the winds picked back up and the waves backed off but still some good ones coming through. Who knows for tomorrow morning in may be good! Sorry no pix too busy fitting in some much needed surf…

12:30pm chest high, kinda mushy but some good clean up sets making for great lefts. At 115 mph winds out of the south, it started chopping it up pretty badly, turned very mushy. Tough to make the drops for all of us.


9:30am: Just got out of the water and the waves were getting choppy with increasing winds out of the east. Solid waist to chest, a bit drifty, and lots of paddling. Some waves to be had on the west side of the pier. Not so great right now but there is a wave!


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